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Wrinkles tell your story; they show you have lived, loved, cried, grieved and laughed. Non-invasive aesthetic medicine offers faster and more natural-looking results.


All our treatments including injectables, skin boosters, medical peels and radio frequency come with a personalized protocol adapted to the patient. To guarantee a natural, subtle and harmonious result we also provide treatment combinations, such as anti-oxidative mesotherapy and LED therapy or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).


Despite the efforts, a balanced silhouette is not always easy to maintain or sculpt. Age and lifestyle can promote the appearance of small greasy piles recalcitrant on the thighs, hips, belly or the love handles.


Our non-invasive and tested body contouring techniques including radio frequency and cryolipolysis treatment plans treat stretch marks and cellulite with no pain or complications.


Healthy hair is usually described as thick and shiny. However, just like your skin, your hair goes through a lot of changes due to your lifestyle (diet, smoking, pollution, etc ...) and age.


Hair loss - or alopecia – affects both men and women. At Lutétia, we have developed effective solutions such as mesotherapy and PRP to boost hair growth and regain density or to simply support a larger hair loss (baldness).


As hair loss expert, Maison Lutétia practices exclusively the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) method, a scar free revolutionary technique with lifetime natural and dense results.

dhi Hair Transplant

Direct Hair Implantation is a hair transplantation technique performed by trained doctors who follow a standardized procedure which guarantee a safe intervention for both the patient scalp and follicles.

hair treatment

Maison Lutetia is dedicated to aesthetic and anti- aging medicine for women and men.


It is a long time ago when aesthetic medicine was a purely feminine affair. Undetectable and fast, with visible results and without social eviction, our innovative treatments will help you meet your aesthetic goals to feel good with yourself.


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