Soft, supple skin with SkinBoosters.

Hydrates and
plumps skin

Doesn’t create

Injected with a
cannula, not a needle

Treatment time
45 – 60 mins


Hydrate Skin Without Adding Volume

SkinBoosters deliver long-lasting hydration to your skin at the cellular level, nourishing and replenishing it from the inside out. Injected into the deeper layers of the skin this hyaluronic elixir enhances elasticity, increases hydration, and encourages even more hyaluronic acid production without adding the volume that dermal fillers do.

If your skin looks dry, dull, or crinkly, if your lips are always chapped, no matter how much lip balm you use or how much water you drink, SkinBoosters can add hydration for months at a time. At Lutétia Clinic, we’ve used it to make cheeks, lips, necks, décolleté, and hands more soft and supple.

Improve the look and quality of your skin without looking overdone.

Are you a good candidate for SkinBoosters?

Almost anyone can benefit from a SkinBooster treatment. However, if you have large pores or dry dehydrated skin, it could be especially beneficial. Those with mature or sun-damaged skin or depressed acne scars will also see real improvement.

It shouldn’t be used on or near areas that are inflamed or infected. And, those with compromised immune systems should refrain from using Skinboosters.

SkinBoosters FAQ’s

There is really no downtime. We use a cannula to limit bruising and swelling. Any swelling you may notice can be easily managed with medication.

The effects generally last 2 – 3 months.

This depends on the area and the age of the patient. For lips, we usually need just one. For the cheeks, a younger patient needs one, where an older patient may need two.

Want softer, more nourished skin?

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