Fractional Radiofrequency

Wake up to firmer skin.

Firms sagging skin

Reduces the
appearance of scars

improves complexion

Treatment time
45 – 60 mins

Fractional Radiofrequency

Firm and Smooth Skin

Fractional Radiofrequency with Microneedling uses two powerful skin rejuvenation solutions: micro-needling and radio frequency (RF) energy.

Micro-needles create tiny perforations or punctures in the skin, activating the body’s healing process. This triggers the growth of fibroblast cells–the cells that create the skin’s structure–which produces more collagen, that invaluable protein that gives skin its elasticity and firmness.

To make the treatment even more effective, the micro-needles carry RF energy to the tiny wounds, encouraging even more collagen production than can happen with micro-needling alone. It’s a treatment that not only firms sagging skin but can also break up and smooth acne and other scar tissue. In fact, it’s one of our go-to treatments for acne scars.

Are you a good candidate for Micro-Needling with Radiofrequency?

Patients of all ages can benefit from this advanced micro-needling treatment. If you notice your skin isn’t as supple as it once was or if you have acne or other scars that interrupt your nice complexion, a session of RF Microneedling can provide good results. It’s also an overall way to revitalize the skin by stimulating the skin’s repair response and the formation of new collagen and elastin.

This treatment isn’t recommended for people on certain kinds of acne medication. You can discuss your medication usage and whether this treatment is right for you with a specialist dermatologist in your consultation.

Fractional Radiofrequency FAQ’s

This treatment can be slightly uncomfortable. To prepare the skin and keep you as comfortable as possible, we use a numbing cream and keep the skin cool with a machine that blows cold air on the treatment area. Our practitioners are attuned to every patient’s comfort and can modify the treatment to make it more pleasant.

There is no downtime after your session. You may notice some redness, but that will fade in the hours after your appointment. As always, we recommend you wear sunscreen after the treatment to protect your skin. Sunscreen, in general, is a great way to protect all the heroic work you do to take care of your skin.

For optimal results we recommend 2 – 4 treatments at 2 – week intervals.

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