Medical LED

The light or regeneration with LED Therapy.

Stimulates collagen

Fades scars

Kills the bacteria that
causes acne

Treatment time
30 mins

LED Therapy

Addicted to the Glow

LED therapy is a vital part of many skin and hair treatments at Maison Lutétia and for good reason. This unsung hero of non-invasive skincare was originally developed and used by NASA after scientists observed increased plant growth under certain light wavelengths.

NASA then used LED energy to speed the healing of wounds. Today, our medical LED stimulates cells, by converting light energy to ATP, the main energy source for cells, including skin cells.

Because of this, LED sessions fade acne scars, combat hair loss and also boost the production of collagen and elastin. And, the treatment feels more than indulgent, it feels necessary for healthy skin. We often use this treatment to boost the effects of many of our other skin and hair sessions.

Are you a good candidate for LED Therapy?

We call it LED therapy for a reason. It’s an ideal treatment for someone who is interested in something more long term, rather than just a one-time treatment. The treatments are short. They can even be done during your lunch break. But they can be powerful. We often recommend a longer course of treatment to realize the full, health benefits of light bathing. If you and your Lutétia skincare specialist have set an appointment for a micro-needling treatment, like Plateletherapy or MesoLED a session of LED will likely be the grand finale. It works in concert with so many of our skin and scalp treatments by speeding the healing response and reducing inflammation, that it just makes sense.

If you are interested in a true boost for your skin or intensification of another treatment, LED is an ideal addition to your routine.

LED Therapy FAQ’s

This depends on the condition of your skin and the issue you want to resolve. Our Lutétia Team generally recommends a series of 4 treatments at 1- week intervals.

The average session is 30 minutes.

Our medical-grade LED uses 4 specific wavelengths to treat different conditions.

Get on your way to healthy, glowing skin.

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