Laser Hair Bleaching

Make unwanted hair

Make unwanted hair


Safe and effective

Treatment time
15 – 45 mins

Laser Hair Bleaching

Simplify Your Morning Routine with Laser Hair Bleaching

Laser Hair Removal is the most popular way to deal with unwanted hair. It is fast, effective, and drastically reduces hair growth over time until shaving is no longer necessary. There are times, however, when laser hair bleaching is the best solution. We can do laser hair bleaching at Lutétia Clinic.

Certain hairs–fine baby hairs, for instance–are difficult for the laser to remove. Though lasers can bleach these hairs quite effectively. And, this makes them invisible for several weeks at a time. At Lutétia Clinic, we perform laser bleaching as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with laser hair removal to achieve smoother skin.

How do lasers see hair?

Lasers are attracted to dark objects. Therefore, when the beam is passed over hair, it’s the melanin in the hair, that the laser sees and targets. That’s why light or really fine hair is difficult to remove. If our practitioner thinks your hair won’t respond well to the laser, if it can’t be removed and may even be stimulated to grow longer and darker, she will suggest laser bleaching.

Our laser practitioners can tell right away what treatment will provide the best results. They may even recommend a combination of treatments.

Laser Hair Bleaching FAQ’s

There is no downtime. Though your skin will be sun sensitive for two weeks after the treatment. We recommend no sunbathing before or for two weeks after the laser session. Sunscreen, in general, is a great way to protect all the heroic work you do to take care of your skin.

Your hair will be bleached immediately. For best results sessions must occur every 4 – 6 weeks.

Laser bleaching is only temporary and needs to be done every 4 – 6 weeks. Though for some patients hair that has been repeatedly bleached grows thinner and falls out, but that doesn’t happen for everyone.

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