Expert Cellular Facial

Give your skin a deep cleanse with four
innovative technologies.




Treatment time
60 mins

Expert Cellular Facial

Nourish Your Complexion

This luxurious facial combines four innovative technologies in one. Aquabrasion gently cleanses and exfoliates your pores as it bathes your skin in lifting and hydrating ingredients. Now the Co2 microdermabrasion compels your flushed skin to produce an abundance of oxygen while the skin lightening or skin freshening gel do their magic.

Next, penetrating your skin at various depths, radiofrequency stimulates the fibroblasts to produce more collagen and tighten the skin’s deeper structure. In the final step, ultrasound waves infuse the skin with moisture and seal it in for the deepest hydration. After your Expert Cellular Facial, your complexion will glow for days!

Are you a good candidate for an Expert Cellular Facial?

Most everyone can benefit from this new skincare technology. And not just women, who tend to spend more time taking care of their skin, but also men. First, any treatment that is this relaxing, this enjoyable, is good for your mental health. Self-care is important, especially when your day-to-day life is getting ever busier.

Beyond that, even if you don’t need the lifting power of the radiofrequency, it’s good to maintain the deeper structure of your skin…before you see signs of sagging. The other steps, the cleansing, oxygenating, and hydrating phases, really revitalize the skin, keeping it clear and fresh.

If you’ve fallen out of love with your complexion, if you notice signs of stress or dehydration, spend an hour of your day under the care of our skincare experts who will use this new technology and harmonizing serums to get your skin in optimal condition.

Expert Cellular Facial FAQ’s

There is no downtime for this facial. In fact, we consider the days after your Expert Cellular Facial to be all UP-time. As with any advanced facial, your face might be a bit red, but that will fade in a few hours. Enjoy your clear and glowing complexion.

We recommend 4 – 6 facials, every 2 weeks. Because let’s face it, there’s no such thing as too many facials.

This facial is a full 60 minutes of lavish attention for your complexion.

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