Dermal Fillers

Fill lines or define your best features

Unique Injection

Less painful than
needle injections

Natural results

Treatment time
30 mins

Dermal Fillers

Smooth Your Frown Lines

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance already found in the tissues and fluids of the human body and is what gives your skin its plumpness.

It also plays a starring role in Lutétia’s dermal fillers, where it’s used to fill wrinkles and hollow areas and to rebuild, plump, or define facial features, like your lips, your cheekbones, or your jawline. In addition, it can decrease wrinkles or shadows under the eyes. It also adds volume to areas that have, in the passing years, become thinner. And, it can fill in recessed scars or even fix a bump or asymmetry in your nose.

Lutétia Clinic prefers to use a blunt-tipped micro-cannula instead of a needle so there is less pain, bruising, and no downtime.

Are you a good candidate for Dermal Fillers?

This treatment benefits men and women of all ages. If you are healthy, and if you have realistic goals for your appearance. This is an important point. Dermal Fillers aren’t intended to make you look like someone else, but rather to make subtle enhancements to your unique facial features. They are well-suited for someone who is bothered by the loss of volume in their face through aging or weight loss. If someone wants to redefine their cheekbones, jawline or plump thin lips, dermal fillers are usually the answer.

This is done without the invasion of surgery and in concert with the natural elements that give your face its structure–it stimulates your face to increase the production of collagen and elastin in the treatment areas.

Dermal Fillers FAQ’s

There is no downtime. Any swelling can be mitigated with medication.

Some patients see improvement in a day or two, but full results are visible in 7 days.

Depending on the area, usually 4 – 6 months.

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