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Lutétia Clinic Dubai (LUTETIA -BR OF AL FUTTAIM AESTHETICS CLINICS SINGLE PERSON COMPANY L.L.C)  understands and respects users privacy and it is committed to protect it. By visiting the Lutétia Clinic Dubai website, users agree to the practices stated in this policy.

The policy defines the purpose of each of the treatments it implements, as well as the means and conditions of collection, use, retention, protection, transfer of your data, as well as their provision to your doctor (s) and the care team within the Clinic, and this for the needs of your care. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully to understand how we collect and use information.

What is the purpose of this Policy?

Lutetia Clinic attaches importance to the protection of the data of its patients and users of its website (hereafter “you”, “Your data”), and wishes to inform you through this policy, how it treats, collects, uses and protects your data as part of the business.

What’s its scope?

This Policy applies to the management of all personal data of Lutetia patients and users of its website:

  • our website
  • requests received via the online form on this site
  • the relationship between the Clinic and its future patients in the preparatory phase for care and interventions
  • patient files on behalf of doctors practicing in the Dubai Clinic
  • patients’ requests

How is your data protected?

To protect your data from loss, destruction, tampering, and unauthorized access, the Clinic has taken security, technical and organizational measures to prevent access and deterioration of your data. These measures are related to the collection, manipulation and retention of your data, and are detailed as follows:

Minimizing the data collected

The collection of your data, including your health data, is limited to the data you need to provide, and your care team at the Clinic as follows.

In the Clinic

  1. Forms submitted to patients: your data is collected by Clinic staff via “consent of treatment and care” forms, or via a form that you complete on arrival and sign at the clinic. This form is submitted to you prior to any intervention. Your data is then entered into software to build “a patient record,” your form is scanned and stored in your medical file. This file is mandatory and is a prerequisite for your care.
  2. The data we collect is: your identification data, your contact information, your health data (Illnesses, allergies, drug intolerance, medical history, etc.), as well as photos of the area or areas of the body concerned before and after Intervention.
  3. Your bank details are collected only when necessary to pay the benefit you have received on an ad hoc basis.

Via our website

  1. The data required by the online form on our website is limited to the information necessary and essential to the processing of your application. The user of these forms is asked to limit the data provided via spaces for open messages, to data relevant to the management of his / her request.
  2. Cookies are temporary files that contain data, they are deposited through your browser and stored in your computer or your device. They record information about your device’s navigation on a website. The user of our website is informed that cookies can be installed on his browser for the analysis of traffic on our website, and obtaining statistics. The data collected, anonymously, is the type of device used, the country of origin of the user logged into the site, the time, date and duration of the connection, the number of visitors, the original service that provided access. Other technologies such as pixels are used on our website, allowing the user to be offered relevant advertising content on third-party partner sites. You can object to saving “cookies” by setting up your browser.

Limiting access to health data

Only the permanent staff of the Clinic is entitled to access all of your data. Your health data is accessed by the healthcare team for your care.

The list of recipients of your data

It is limited to the clinic’s staff, our subcontractor “OVH” manager of the web server of our website, and the Lutetia Team receiving your emails generated via the contact form following your requests to exercise your rights.

Limiting the shelf life of your data

  1. Your medical record as part of your health journey shallbe retained for a period of a minimum of fifteen (15) years after the date of last entry into the record for A.E Nationals and for Expatriates.
  2. When you apply to us to exercise your rights, the shelf life of your data is “one month” from the date your application is processed.
  3. Cookies deposited on your computer or terminal have a shelf life of 13 months from their deposit.

The legal basis for treatment

  1. When you contact the Clinic via the “contact form” on its website, you provide your identification details and contact information. The processing of your data is based on your consent, in accordance with Article PP/HCO/002/02 of the DHCR, which you express by disclosing your personal data and sending this form to our services.
  2. When you contact us via the other forms on this website, you provide us with health data by nature, and so-called health data because of their destination. This data is built into your medical record. This file is made up for your care by the doctors and care teams within the Clinic. In accordance with Article PP/HCO/002/02 of the DHCR, the processing of your data is based on your consent, which you express by sending the form of your choice.
  3. Throughout your care journey at the Clinic, you provide us with information about yourself. In accordance with Article PP/HCO/002/02 of the DHCR, the processing of your personal health data is based on your consent, which you express by reading and signing the consent form given to you on your first visit.

Respect for pre-defined goals

  1. We process your data to meet your requests, and to enable our healthcare team to provide you with the most appropriate care for your health and the actions and care you want to benefit from.
  2. Your data is essential to the administration and care that is administered to you.
  3. The photos in your file can be used to demonstrate and promote the quality of care administered within the Dubai Clinic, especially on its website. Their online and other use for promotional purposes will be subject to your prior agreement and approval under the conditions you have chosen (in clear or blurred version).
  4. Your data will not be shared with third parties for commercial exploration.

The lack of transfer of your data outside the UAE

Your data will not be transferred outside the UAE. Any exceptions will be subject to your informed and prior written agreement and implemented under conditions including contractual in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions regarding data protection and security.

Hosting your data

Your data is hosted on PABAU’s servers, a provider of clinic management software, under conditions that ensure an adequate level of security, confidentiality and integrity to the elements of your file. You can object to outsourcing your data either by contacting your clinic or your doctor directly.

Communicating your data to third parties

  1. Your data collected on this site, or as part of your care journey, will not be used for any purpose other than the one for which it was collected.
  2. The Clinic will not pass on your data to any entity unless you have explicitly given your consent or unless required by law. Apart from their communication to third-party technical or banking service providers, acting on behalf of and under the control of your Clinic, under contractually defined conditions, and which would guarantee the safety and protection of Data.

Exercising your rights

You have the right to access all the data in your file, a right to correct, modify, delete non-medical information pertaining to you, as well as the right to object or limit its use. For any questions relating to the protection of your data or to exercise your rights, you can contact your doctor, or the clinic General Manager directly.

Social Media

Users of social media (e.g.,,,, Instagram etc.) shall be respectful of the larger community by complying with the terms and policies of each Social Media Host.

Users are encouraged to contribute comments that are respectful and for further discussion on our social media sites, but users shall avoid making comments that might be considered Confrontational, Offensive, Discriminatory, Profane, Off-topic, Spam (i.e., unsolicited promotion of a third-party business), Misprivacy-leading and Fake.

Lutetia Clinic reserves the right to remove comments or content on our social media sites that fit into any one of the above categories, or for any other reason, to preserve the integrity of our social media sites. We may block further posting on our social media sites by any individual who violates this Privacy Policy.

Any comments or content posted by the users do not reflect, in any way, Lutetia’s opinion.

Changing this Policy

This Privacy Policy may be amended to reflect legal and regulatory changes, and any updates will be available on the same page.

Last updated: 23/02/2020

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