MesoLED hair treatment

Slowing down hair loss

Combines three
treatments in one


LED Light Therapy

Treatment time
45 – 60 mins

MesoLED for hair

What does the MesoLed hair treatment entail?

This combination of mesotherapy and LED therapy is a gentle aesthetic treatment that heals your skin from the inside out.

Our French-invented meso-injector delivers the meso elixir — 12 vitamins, 23 amino acids, co-enzymes, and moisturizing hyaluronic acid — evenly and painlessly into the scalp with a microneedle effect.

The revitalizing action of these two complementary hair remedies regenerates the scalp and hair follicles on the treated area.

As a supplementary treatment for weakened hair or as a combination treatment with our DHI hair transplant, our MesoLed treatment in Dubai, at Maison Lutétia, is a painless, soft and easy solution to restore life and colour to hair, for men and women .

As a grand finale, specific wavelengths from our medical grade LED act to amplify the effects of the treatment and further rejuvenate your hair growth.

What is hair mesotherapy?

Achieving healthy, dense and shiny hair requires water and nutrients, similar to what our body and skin needs. Thanks to a bio stimulant cocktail, mesotherapy provides the hair with the vitamins necessary for its growth, by micro-injections into the scalp.

This nutrient-enriched solution is made up of a large number of amino acids, minerals (zinc, copper), vitamins (including biotin), fluid and hydrating hyaluronic acid, all very beneficial for hair and scalp health.

This wide variety of micro-nutrients makes it possible to correct possible deficiencies in the scalp, to remedy capillary fragility, and to increase the diameter of the hair

What is light therapy or capillary LED??

LED technology – Light Emitting Diode – is recognized for its beneficial therapeutic effects on skin inflammation, burns, or stretch marks. Thanks to the restorative properties, it promotes healing, cell regeneration and rejuvenation, in order to regain all the radiance of the skin.

Today, this form of light therapy or phototherapy is used in Dubai by the DHI team to treat baldness and alopecia, as a new form of treatment for hair regrowth. In addition, the therapeutic action of LED light optimizes the results of other hair treatments such as a DHI hair transplant or mesotherapy.

When light therapy is used as hair care and hair regrowth treatment, LED light regenerates the cells in the scalp, tones the hair fiber, slows hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hair follicles.

During a treatment for hair regrowth by light therapy, adjustable panels fitted with LEDs are positioned precisely, within few centimeters from the concerned area: the top of the skull or the temples.

LED and the benifits?

Depending on the colour of the LED light emitted, corresponding to a very specific wavelength, different hair and skin problems can be treated and resolved:

  • the red light activates the healing process if treating inflammation of ​​the scalp;
  • the yellow light has a two-fold outcome: slowing down hair fall of weakened hair and giving birth to new healthy hair.

Simple, painless and non-invasive, the capillary LED allows both to slowdown abnormal hair loss, and to stimulate hair growth on areas starting to thin out.

In a nutshell – LED hair treatment helps invigorate and strengthen the hair.


There is no downtime. Our meso-gun delivers the meso evenly and painlessly. You might notice some redness and mild swelling, which can easily be mitigated with medication.

Most patients notice the best results after 2 – 3 treatments.

That depends on the patient but we recommend at least 3 – 4 sessions about 15 days apart.

Looking to improve your density and enhance your hair growth?

Not sure which is the best treatment option for you?
Speak to a hair expert today.

Let one of our hair experts talk you through your options and discuss our bespoke treatment packages, for your individual needs.



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