Eyebrow Implants

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Get fuller brows with the DHI Method

Your eyebrows frame your eyes and complement your facial structure. No wonder women spend so much time tending to them.

Today thicker, fuller, more bold brows are in vogue, leaving women with sparse or overplucked brows searching for a solution.

For those born with sparse or faint eyebrows, the DHI method can help you fill in the gaps.

Eyebrow implants make it possible for fuller eyebrows that look completely natural. It’s a solution for both men and women to fill in sparse or uneven brows. Our experts follow the shape of your brow bone so that the implanted hairs sit perfectly in line with the rest of your face.

Our DHI doctors are specialized in this technique so every gesture throughout the procedure is calculated and exact, making your brows a true work of art.

Eyebrow Implant FAQ’s

During the extraction phase, miniscule punches (less than 1mm diameter) extract the follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue of the donor zone. It’s the hair at the back of the neck that best matches the hair of your brows. This gives the most natural looking results. The doctor extracts the capillary bulbs which consist of a single hair to achieve the most balanced eyebrow shape possible.

Thanks to the DHI hair injector, the doctor can has total control over the implantation and therefore, over the results. In the implantation phase, no preliminary incisions or reception holes are made. Once the nurse has filled the bulb into the hair injector, the doctor can then insert it into the brow bone with a single movement. Because no incisions are necessary, it’s possible to create a natural looking density, with perfect control over the direction of growth with no scarring.

As with hair implants, results take time to show as the hair needs to go through the entire hair cycle and reach the ‘adult’ phase. This takes on average around 12 months and considered permanent.

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