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Beard Transplant, Eyebrow Graft, and Scalp Micropigmentation for Men and Women

In men, hair loss is often a result of hormonal and genetic conditions as is where it occurs on the head – at the temples, at the crown, and a receding hairline. Unlike women, men can start balding at an early age which can cause low self-esteem and a growing lack of confidence.

There are many causes of hair loss in women, including medical conditions, medication, physical or emotional stress, hormonal imbalances and iron deficiency, to name a few.

For centuries men have groomed and shaped their facial hair to reflect their own personal styles. But patchy growth and bare spots make it difficult to grow the beard you want. Some men try and fail to grow full beards because they lack the density to support the style.

Your eyebrows frame your eyes and complement your facial structure. No wonder women spend so much time tending to them. Today thicker, fuller, more bold brows are in vogue, leaving women with sparse or overplucked brows searching for a solution.
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John D.Patient H4570 hairs Description Front View. In this case, the patient has a lack of density on the cheeks. ... Read more John D.

Lorenzo F.34 Year old2046 hairs Description Front View. Patient whose beard was incomplete with sparse areas. 2046 hairs were implanted ... Read more Lorenzo F.

Elodie R.Patient F 32 Year old300 hairs Front view Side view Listen to what our patients have to say about ... Read more Elodie R.

Thierry CHAMPION47 Year old10 000 hairs Description Front View. Patient with stage 6 baldness on the Norwood scale. The loss is ... Read more Thierry CHAMPION

Sylvain A.34 Year old5860 hairs Description Front View. Lack of density in the frontal zone and the crown. 5860 hairs were ... Read more Sylvain A.

Mehdi Z.42 Year old6002 Hairs Description Front View. Baldness is 4 on the Norwood scale. Decline in the frontal line ... Read more Mehdi Z.

Romain B.45 Year old 4350 Description Front View. Patient with a baldness stage of 3 on the Norwood scale. Significant ... Read more Romain B.

Nicolas A.Patient H 28 Year old- 3124 Description Front View. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit ... Read more Nicolas A.

Jean P.45 Year old5515 hairs Description Front View. Patient with stage 4 baldness on the Norwood scale. Significant receding hairline, gulfs ... Read more Jean P.

Didier AUBRY35 Year old3031 Hairs Description Front View. Patient with stage 2 baldness on the Norwood scale. The gulfs begin to ... Read more Didier AUBRY

Albert D.48 Year old4270 Hairs Description Front View. Stage 6 on the Norwood scale. Patient with very low density on anterior ... Read more Albert D.

Pierre A.29 Year old 4140 Hairs Description Front View. Patient with stage 3 baldness on the Norwood scale. Decrease in density ... Read more Pierre A.

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