Skin Tone & Texture

Looking for a more even complexion?

Do you miss your optimal skin? Skin that glows, that draws someone’s attention when you walk into a room? Beautiful skin you don’t want to conceal or cover, but rather leave bare because it looks so astonishingly healthy.

What Causes Changes in Skin Tone & Texture?

At Maison Lutétia your skin’s care is our priority. It’s the body’s largest organ and the envelope that protects you from temperature changes, germs, and trauma. It transmits feelings and reflects your emotions. Caring for your skin should never be an afterthought.

Skin changes and adapts as we age. In fact, skin cell turnover slows as you approach 30. By the time you reach your 30s skin cells that once turned over every 14 days take twice as long. Dead skin cells accumulate and dull your complexion as less light is reflected. This also means the top layer of your skin can’t retain as much moisture as it once did. Your skin may get more irritated than it once did, affecting the texture.

As estrogen levels drop, women in their late 40s notice thei skin may become more dry and less elastic as collagen and elastin break down. Texture changes even more through menopause. caring for your skin through these changes is more important than ever.

Do you suffer from?

  • Red blotches
  • Dark patches
  • Broken blood vessels
  • Dull complexion
  • Uneven texture
  • Dry skin

How Can You Improve Your Skin Tone & Texture?

Moisturizer is important, choose a good quality one with sunscreen for extra benefit. Get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy diet with lots of antioxidants. Drink your daily recommended amount of water to stay hydrated.To really improve the tone of your skin or the texture, visit a skin expert at Lutetia who will design a bespoke treatment plan for your individual skin needs, including peels, facials, lasers, PRP, Skinboosters, and RF Micro Needling. A consultation with one of our specialized dermatologists can guide you into the right direction on what to choose.

Do you suffer from uneven skin tone or texture?

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