Maison Lutétia’s non-invasive, tailor-made aesthetic treatments and
cutting-edge innovation redefine
beauty by keeping it ‘au naturel’.
Do away with clichés and experience the French approach to aesthetics only at Maison Lutétia.

Do you want to know the French woman’s secret to beauty?

She applies her make-up with a light touch. It is her skin that gets her full attention.  She wants a complexion that blooms, that is too astonishingly pretty to conceal, that is soft and smooth to the touch…and hair that is lush and healthy. She wants to age with grace.

Elegant, effortlessly chic, and never overdone: these are the touchstones of true French style. They are also the standards that guide our stylists at Le Salon and Le Barbier , your full-service salon and barber.

They are the signature of Maison Lutétia’s aesthetic experts in every skin, hair and body treatment from our skin blooming LED Therapy, to Wrinkle Relaxers and SkinBoosters, to our silhouette smoothing Body Contouring sessions. These are the touchstones of our doctors as they perform the most meticulous DHI Hair Transplants to produce the densest and most natural-looking hairlines in the industry.

Dr Adnan Tahir

Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr Rory McGoldrick

Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Fatima Habib

Community-Based Dermatologist

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    Blog Articles

    You have probably seen the white, futuristic and somewhat creepy LED mask glowing on your Instagram. Kim Kardashian is using one. So are Chrissy Tiegan and Madonna.

    You may be wondering what happens after the Lutétia Clinic DHI Hair Transplant.  Will there be pain? How long before you can go to work? …

    In little more than an hour, the spire had fallen and most of the roof had collapsed. Parisians and people around the world watched in horror, or in silent reverence, as fire engulfed Notre Dame.

    Laser hair removal is one of our most sought after, and one of the world’s most popular, aesthetic procedures. For good reason.

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