Mesotherapy is ideal for

  • Dull and dehydrated skin; 
  • Improving skin tones for smokers; 
  • Prevention of early signs of ageing

Additionally, MesoLED can work wonders at all stages of the skin:

  • When the skin is tauter and firm, MesoLED helps maintain hydration and stimulates the skin cells from the inside-out.
  • Similarly, at an intermediate and advanced stage, MesoLED combined with Skinboosters penetrates deep into the dermis to rehydrate and improve dry, and fragile skin.

In combination with LED therapy, the effects are increased to its maximum potential.

All About MesoLED

Can MesoLED combat alopecia?

Antioxidant Mesotherapy is a therapeutic treatment that deeply stimulates the functioning hair follicles to help combat alopecia.

Mesotherapy combined with medical LED for 20 minutes can increase the results tenfold. The various light waves used at specific frequencies during LED therapy target specific cells. This combination of mesotherapy and medical LED results in a boost of cellular energy production which enhances hair regrowth.

The combination of mesotherapy and LED stimulates hair bulbs, revitalises regrowth, and boosts the overall strength of hair.

How many sessions of MesoLED do I need?

At Maison Lutetia, we usually recommend six sessions with a rest of 15 days between each. However, this may vary depending on what you require and how we can cater to your specific needs.

Mesotherapy - A Dose of Potent Nutrients

A laundry list of external factors like work, stress, children, iron deficiency and hormonal imbalances can all be factors that cause our hair to feel brittle, weak and dry. For hair that is already thinning, these factors can speed up the process. That is why it is so important to get the correct nutrients into the scalp and hair follicles and rejuvenate your hair.

Revitalizing hair mesotherapy consists of a moisturizing cocktail made of hyaluronic acid, complex amino acids, vitamins (including B9, zinc and biotin) and mineral salts. This micronutrient elixir is injected superficially into the scalp to restore fragile capillaries. As a result, you will notice not just an increase in the density and diameter of hair shafts, but also greater tensile strength.

What Happens in a MesoLED Session?

Our skin experts personalize each MesoLED treatment based on your requirements and the condition of your skin. Because your comfort is a top priority of ours, you’ll be taken to your private treatment suite to await your treatment.

When it is time for your treatment, a member of our team will ask you to lie in a reclined position where you can relax and listen to music or stream your favourite TV show before the session begins.

During your session, the doctor will inject the micronutrient elixir into your scalp using a state-of-the-art mesotherapy gun. This gun allows the elixir to be precisely and evenly distributed in small quantities over the area being treated. This procedure is completely pain-free thanks to the accuracy and precision of the mesogun.

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