Mesotherapy - A Dose Of Potent Nutrients

Just like our body, our hair needs essential nutrients to produce melanin and keratin. In addition to these substances, the hair also needs an extra dose of vitamins and water.

Without the basic nutrition, you hair will become less dense, weak and brittle. A laundry list of external factors like work stress, childbirth, iron deficiency and hormonal disorders will further aggravate the thinning of hair if not met with the right nutrients on a daily basis.

The polyrevitalising nutrient complex in mesotherapy when injected into the dermis of the scalp provides micronutrients that are essential for healthy hair.

This concoction of antioxidants combines fluid and hydrating hyaluronic acid with a complex of amino acids, vitamins (B9, Zinc and Biotin) and mineral salts to restore your hair’s texture, strength and volume.

What happens in a MesoLED session?

Upon receiving a personalized treatment plan; you will arrive for your session at Maison Lutétia on the proposed date.

Your comfort is our top priority. That’s why; our team will take you to your private suite where you can stash your bags and get comfortable.

At the time of the session, our team will guide you to the treatment room, where you will be asked to lie in a reclining position. Before the session starts, you can ask our team to plug in your playlist, stream your favourite TV show or simply put on some soothing music.

Once the session commences, the doctor accompanied by nurses, injects the cocktail using a state-of-the-art meso-gun. This gun evenly distributes the product in small quantities all over the treatment area. Thanks to the tool’s high accuracy and precision, this treatment is completely pain-free.


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