Le Barbier offers the modern man all the services of a traditional barber, where he can get a great haircut and beard trim. 

At Lutétia, we believe every haircut, not matter how simple, should be an experience. Rather than have an open floor plan with all the chaos that comes with a busy salon, we designed our cabins to offer clients privacy without hiding them away. 

The chairs are comfortable. The atmosphere is soothing. Smart mirrors offer a reflection of your stylist at work or can display a high tech screen where you can watch your favorite Netflix show. 

From Simple to Sophisticated

Just as our skin can become dull and dry, our hair too can lose its lustre. It may grow thin or fall out faster than it can regrow.   


At Lutétia, we offer more than a simple beard trim or great haircut. Clients with more serious hair concerns, like hair loss, have access to the expertise of our medical team, right from a chair in Le Barbier.   


Treatments like Platelet-Rich Therapy combined with LED light therapy create optimal conditions in the scalp for hair to flourish. The Lutétia DHI Hair Transplant is a careful, meticulous hair transplant procedure that results in the best density and the most natural hairlines in the industry.   


Le Barbier at Lutétia is the blissful solution to any of your hair woes.

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