To limit trauma to the hair follicles during the procedure, we use a HypoThermosol preservation solution. This allows some of the hair contained in the implanted follicles to grow as if you had just shaved or cut your hair.

However, your follicles are extremely sensitive and not receptive to a lot of change, so a large majority of your hair will fall out in the days after your treatment - especially after a rigorous shampoo! This is perfectly normal though. It’s important to be patient.

Here is a timeline of your post-treatment transplant experience:

  • There will appear to be no change or almost no change for the first three months
  • Hair will then begin to regrow slowly
  • After six months, new hair, still quite thin, will continue to grow
  • This regrowth will intensify over 6-9 months and gradually becoming thicker
  • One year later, the results will be visibly significant
  • By 18 months post-treatment, these results will be complete and permanent


Even after your transplant is complete, you remain a patient and guest of Maison Lutétia.  Throughout the entire regrowth period (12 months), our team of hair experts are at your disposal at all times so any doubts, concerns, queries, or further clarifications that you may have are answered in a prompt and professional manner.

We also schedule one-on-one personal evaluation sessions at Maison Lutetia. We are here, from the first consultation to the very end, to take pictures of your progression and results. We can show you comparisons so you can also see the progress your hair has made, feel the difference and enjoy this journey with us throughout.

Whether you get in touch with us via email, phone call, or through our social media accounts, we strive to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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