DHI - A Certified Programme Offered at Universities

In 2014, DHI collaborated with a number of public universities to proliferate a number of training and research projects ie. “The study of stem cells in the human hair follicle: Bringing light to new perspectives on hair restoration”.

To date, DHI is the most successful implantation technique in the world. It is taught at Claude Bernard University in Lyon to doctors who want to master the art of DHI and create a change in hair loss restoration, prevention and diagnosis. Professor Ali Mojallal, a plastic and aesthetic surgeon with years of experience, is the head of faculty and responsible for delivering a course in the treatment of baldness.

The DHI Method founder, Mr. K. P. Giotis is one of the key speakers at this university due to his profound and remarkable expertise and contribution to the field of hair restoration. One of his prime objectives is to strive for better and faster results that will prove to be a revolutionary breakthrough for the hair restoration industry. His investment in current research and development has been showcased across various hair science conventions worldwide.

DHI - A Medical Profession

The doctors who are certified by DHI Academy follow an intensive training programme that abides by a strict protocol to guarantee 100% safety and natural results. The DHI Method has a proven track record backed by decades of analysis and expertise.

Regarded as one of the most prestigious medical professions of the century, DHI’s patents are now recognized by the Health Authority, ISO and the World Health Organization (WHO). The theoretical and technical course is 18 months long or more, which gives time to absorb and master every aspect of the syllabus--medical, mathematical, and artistic--in order to receive optimal results.

The training is delivered at the DHI Academy situated in London and the course is continuously developed year-after-year in accordance to the latest research and innovation in the industry.

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