Beard Transplantation Using the DHI Method

Just as hair transplantation can work on your head, hair follicles can be moved from the back of your head to fill in hair growth on your face.

The skin on the face is particularly sensitive and so visible, it becomes even more important to choose a careful technique that makes sure each follicle is protected. Again, the Maison Lutétia DHI transplant is ideal for this application. This non-invasive method leaves no marks or scars on the implanted area, thereby letting you style, shave and maintain your beard exactly how you want, regardless of the latest trend.

The DHI Method allows us to treat smaller areas of a beard where the hair is less dense to create a full and even beard

Implantation with an Injector Pen

The advantage lies in the expertise and in the artistry, but also in the tool. The implant tool plants follicles with precision, without the need for holes or slits in the skin. The tip of the implanter is a 1 mm, split needle, the doctor uses to carefully implant the follicle at the right depth and in the right direction. This is how they ‘design’ your beard for best results.

Results of a DHI

Beard Transplant

Finally, just as the technique requires patience, so does it require patience to see results. Newly implanted follicles may take a few months to up to a year for the follicle to reach the growth stage in the hair cycle

You will notice a gradual increase in the growth and thickness of your hair in a matter of months. But once it all grows in, you can style it any way you want or keep It just as it is.

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