Stages of Baldness in Men

Stage 1:
Thinning hair continues to grow at the crown and the hairline. Here, the final stage, or Hippocratic wreath, can be observed where only a thin rim of hair remains at the sides and back of the hair. Soon the hair will begin to recede.

Stage 2:
Generally, men begin to lose their hair at the forehead, but some start early at the crown of the head. The Norwood-Hamilton scale defines the seven stages of balding in men.

Stage 3:
Receding hairlines around the temples and on the sides of the forehead is where you are able to observe balding in men the most. This phenomenon intensifies as more visible hair loss appears at the temples.

Stage 4:
The hair follicles towards the back of the scalp are ideal candidates for hair transplant as they are resistant to internal and external factors. They can be used to help bring regrowth back to the crown and top of the head.

How Can I Prevent Baldness?

Roughly 30% of men in their 30s are affected by baldness and by their 40s, this statistic climbs to 40%. At 50, the odds are one in two.

There is not a treatment that completely eradicates baldness. However, there are a number of things that can be done to slow the hair loss process.

Mesotherapy is a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, complex amino acids, vitamins, and mineral salts. This micronutrient elixir is injected superficially into the scalp to restore fragile capillaries.

Studies prove the scalp grows healthier and the hair diameter increases and amplifies strength; all good indications for postponing hair loss. At Maison Lutétia, we take this treatment a step further by pairing it with a short session of medical LED Therapy which speeds healing and improves results.

By combining Mesotherapy and LED treatment, we can boost the overall effect of the nutrient-rich cocktail; you’ll notice healthier, stronger and glossier hair after just two sessions.

Combat Baldness with DHI

Medical innovation and advancements in aesthetic treatments mean that men can now receive successful and natural hair transplants with no scars or marks.

Performed manually at the hands of our master doctors --from the first extracted follicle to the last implanted--our technique is never delegated to nurses or ‘technicians’. The detail of the hairlines make it impossible for anyone to guess that you’ve had a hair transplant, as dense packing, perfect control of depth, direction and angle of every implant combined with a growth rate of over 95% makes for natural results.

In a world where doctors speed through processes with the assistance of machines and robotic arms, people tend to forget that the most sought-after things in life are a result of attention to detail and the hands of a true scientific craftsman.

No incisions, no scars and no pain, this procedure is the very reason why we are experts in our field.

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