How MetaBooster Works?

Our MetaBooster treatment works by focusing its energy on the magnetic field, or BioEnergetic field, surrounding cells.  It targets the calcium ions, which are responsible for transmitting impulses from the nerves and muscles, stimulating the immune system and contraction of cells. 

This creates a biomechanical and biophysical reaction, which oxygenates cells and boosts metabolism. 

The treatment is composed of one device, two arms straps and an integral suit covering the body from the chest down and combining two simultaneous actions:

  • The main action is based on the emission of BioEnergetic field to stimulate the release of visceral fat.
  • A secondary action of controlled cutaneous micro pressure (drainage), facilitates body drainage and the elimination of toxins.

What Makes It Different?

This treatment offers the most innovative devices and treatment plans to target abdominal fat effectively and safely by using the magnetic and BioEnergetic fields which surround us.

Your cells are activated and encouraged to eliminate the fat by itself due to the cells in your muscles being engaged and contracting. The results are smooth and even across the abdominal area because instead of specifically targeting area, we are encouraging your body to eliminate the fat itself.

All About MetaBooster

How Many Sessions will I need?

We usually recommend a course of 12 session over four to six weeks. Depending on the treatment plan created for you, we would suggest either two or three sessions a week over this period.

What are the Contraindications?

Although there are bi direct contraindications concerned directly with the BioEnergetic field produced by the device during treatment, we do not recommend this plan for the following people;

- Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding

- Patients who have any skin conditions or injuries over the treated area (cuts, ecchymosis, etc)

- Deep Vein Thrombosis

- Untreated heart problems.

If you have any questions or queries specific to you and whether this treatment is suitable for you, we can arrange a consultation to address your questions directly and work out the best treatment plan for you.

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